We want the coming generations to lead us into a bright future where we have all that we need in our communities, people and businesses are thriving, and the environment is healthy. 

How can we expect this to happen while education stays the same?

Each generation views the world from the lens of their experiences. We need to provide experiences that drive future generations to become change makers.

It is our charge to create an educational foundation for a new and better world.

Experience Community Education can help you make the needed changes that will guide children to become innovative, creative, and compassionate change makers. 

Jean Corbett
M.A. Education and Innovation
Education for Global Sustainability

Jean has decades of experience studying systems in education that affect our daily lives and long-term community sustainability. As a former teacher, program designer, nonprofit professional, and student, she is well equipped to collaborate with partners, engage students, stakeholders, faculty and administration, and garner the resources needed to make change happen. 

Jean believes that educating for social justice and sustainability is the way forward. To guide children on a journey through their community, for a deep and meaningful understanding of how to create a better world.