City Garden Montessori Charter School St. Louis, MO

City Garden is a Montessori Public Charter School that provides a high quality education to a diverse student population and is dedicated to contributing to an anti-bias anti-racist society.

  • Developed and implemented an urban outdoor education curriculum for 270 children, ages 3-14. The curriculum is interdisciplinary, integrating environmental literacy, science, social justice, history, mathematics, language arts, and rooted in sustainability.

  • Worked with faculty and administration to develop the outdoor space into a comprehensive outdoor classroom and educational play area, with a design guided by the Montessori philosophy. Coordinated the use of the school vegetable garden with all grade levels and expanded and maintained the large native plant area, rain garden and orchard.  

  • Collaborated with the Development staff to write grants ranging from $50,000-$500,000 to continue the development of the outdoor space and related curriculum. 

  • Formed new and built upon existing partnerships with local organizations to bridge the community with the school. Some examples include:

    • The International Institute of St. Louis regularly brought refugee entrepreneurs to speak with students about their experiences, and the students were welcomed to their local urban farm for guided tours. 

    • Habitat for Humanity, St. Louis representatives spoke about housing policy and LEED building practices with students who were surveying the local area and completing a housing audit.

    • Park Central CDC director spoke with students about the history of their community and how investment changes the landscape.

    • City Greens Co-op Grocery leaders regularly hosted student groups at their store to demonstrate what foods are offered, how much they cost and how they are procured from local farmers. 

Gateway Greening, Inc. St. Louis, MO

Gateway Greening is a non-profit organization which promotes urban neighborhood vitality and stability, healthy living and quality of life through community food projects, education and wellness programs, and civic greening.

  • Collaborated with partner organizations and the executive director to write multiple grants for awards up to $250,000.

  • Created lasting partnerships with several community organizations, higher education institutions, nonprofits and schools. 

  • Assisted dozens of high-need schools to develop a garden-based, multidisciplinary, experiential curriculum that fit each school’s requests.

  • Worked directly with teachers to choose appropriate lesson plans and carry out classroom demonstrations when desired.

  • Evaluated grants written by schools and youth organizations to receive assistance with their garden programs.

  • Building and installing gardens, grow labs and vermicomposting bins were components of this program. 

Cushman School Miami, FL

The mission of The Cushman School is to develop all students as responsible citizens and effective future leaders who maintain a positive approach to life.

  • Designed and implemented the experiential science lab curriculum as well as the science curriculum for the nursery, primary and elementary schools.

  • Focused on environmental concerns through discussions of social and personal responsibility.  

  • Spearheaded the formation of an organic garden, which was planned using companion planting and a unique ring design. 

The Explorers Ashland, OR

Helman Elementary Explorers After School Club

Students who attend Helman feel a powerful sense of belonging and community that they carry with them.   

  • Designed a basic experiential ecology program for students of all ages in an elementary school.

    • Walked with the students on a city-designated nature trail to document and explore issues of conservation, ecology and biology suited for elementary age children.

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